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Moving from acting to production was not easy, but Laura learnt on the job, and possesses certain skills & qualities which put her among the best Script Supervisors in Singapore. Meticulous & always paying close attention to details which matter, Laura ensures that movie productions run smoothly, and reduces the likelihood of costly reshoots.

From keeping track of styling, art &  actors’ continuity, to lining scripts to aid the post production process, and taking copious notes & logging shots on set, Laura takes pride in her job on every production.


Laura possesses a steady calmness, and is able to maintain order in chaotic situations, which comes in handy amidst the busy atmosphere on most movie sets. 

She is adept at scheduling, and communicating instructions & changes. She is also friendly and has the ability to get along with almost anyone, as well as a pleasant tactfulness.


Laura enjoys the writing process, and possesses the ability to tell moving stories in a simple manner. Her short film scripts have been made into videos for the Agency for Integrated Care & Kidney Dialysis Foundation, which are mainly used as a call-to-action tool for patients & their families.

She is also currently working on developing a feature film script, as well as a short film, and hopes to be able to produce these projects in the near future.


The Production Talent