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Independent, individualistic & intelligent, Laura is a cheerful & enthusiastic theatre-trained actor who has garnered much onscreen experience. Brought up in Singapore, she believes strongly in chasing her dreams, and puts her heart & soul into every pursuit.

Multi-talented, ever-restless, and always searching for the next challenge, Laura wears many hats in this demanding industry - from being an Actor, Emcee & Voiceover Artist, to her production roles as Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Scriptwriter & Art Coordinator.

Trained in acting at Lasalle College (Singapore), NYU Tisch Asia (Singapore), National Institute of Dramatic Art (Australia), and under Hollywood acting coach, Jeanne Hartman, Laura's passion and aptitude for performance has grown through the years. She firmly believes in the value of good training, and always aims to achieve excellence & believability in her performances.

Laura has an aptitude for intense, dramatic scenes. Her knack for memorising chunks of dialogue often bewilders cast & crew alike. In addition, she was once described by a director, as having "the rare ability to act while under extreme physical exertion - such as a fight sequence." Whether an action-filled scene, or an emotionally-driven scene, Laura has the capability to bring many characters to life convincingly.

Always up for some adventure, she dearly loves travelling & living independently. Other than judo, she currently has her eyes set on learning horse-riding. Outside of her acting career, Laura enjoys baking chocolate delicacies & hopes to set up a Pâtisserie one day.

“Acting is living truthfully under  

  imaginary circumstances.”

                                    - Sanford Meisner